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2004R transmission

Transmission is one of the vital components of a vehicle. Thanks to its operation, the tires obtain the necessary torque to increase or decrease the speed of the car depending on the engine revolutions. In the case of General Motors engines, from the ’60s until 1990, there were two flagship automatic transmissions: the Turbo 350 and the Turbo 400. These were probably the best known and most used.

If you own an old Chevy or are a racing enthusiast and need a transmission, you are probably considering selecting between one and the other. Among them, the Turbo 400 or formally GM 200-4R is the best selection. It’s important to know why, and the great benefits you’ll get from buying it.

Turbo 350 Transmission

It is a three-speed automatic turbine, which the brand formally called Hydramatic 350. It is not an exclusive GM design, as it was developed and launched in 1969 in conjunction with Buick. The aim was to replace the old 2-speed Super Turbine 300 Powerglide.

Turbo 400 Transmission

The three-gear Turbo 400 automatic transmission was launched in 1964 for the Buicks and Cadillacs. Its formal name is Super Turbine 400. The 1965 Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, and Pontiac were equipped with this transmission. Its peculiar oil reservoir, shaped like the state of Texas, is what distinguishes it from the Turbo 350.

However, General Motors improved the turbine design by developing the 2004R transmission. The most significant difference is that the Turbo-Hydramatic GM 200 4-R was an automatic transmission with overdrive. Now, the cars equipped with these transmissions had an extra speed, which gave them several advantages. First, overdrive is a fourth speed that significantly increases the performance and displacement of the car.

Cars were now not only faster, but they consumed less fuel. The operation at the last speed allows the engine to lower its revolutions, and therefore the gasoline consumption, decreasing the car’s performance. Although they were manufactured and used by GMs produced between 81 and 90, they are easy to install not only in any old Chevy but in any car you have.

What Makes the GM 200-4R Better?

In addition to the inclusion of the fourth gear, there is no doubt that a 2004R transmission is an extraordinary update. Whether you are looking for a higher speed or performing heavy tasks, this turbine is an excellent choice. It can withstand outputs of up to 500 hp with a differential gear ratio of 4.56 and can tow up to 13,000 pounds, making it the ideal complement to your vehicle.

Are You Ready For Your New 2004R Transmission?

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