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“Cybersecurity For Dummies” Book Now Available In Dutch

“Cybersecurity For Dummies” Book Now Available In Dutch

Cybersecurity For Dummies, Joseph Steinberg’s best-selling introduction to cybersecurity, is now available in Dutch.

Like its English and German counterparts, the Dutch edition, entitled Cybersecurity voor dummies, is written for general audiences, and can help people of all backgrounds stay cyber-secure, regardless of their technical skillsets.

Readers of the book learn what threats exist, and how to identify, protect against, detect, and respond to such threats — as well as how to recover after a breach!

Topics covered in the book include:

∙ The who and why of cybersecurity threats

∙ Basic cybersecurity concepts

∙ What to do to be cyber-secure

∙ What to do if you have been breached

∙ Cybersecurity careers

∙ What to think about if you want to stay cybersecure in the future

Cybersecurity voor Dummies can be purchased in bookstores throughout Europe, as well as online.

The English and German editions of the book — Cybersecurity for Dummies and Cyber-Sicherheit für Dummies respectively — are available though both types of venues as well.

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