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I am excited to announce that am joining the Safein Advisory Board

I am excited to announce that am joining the Safein Advisory Board

Here is the press release issued today by Safein:

Cybersecurity Executive Joseph Steinberg joins Safein Advisory Team

Safein, which is presently building the world’s first blockchain-based secure, global, identity, authorization, and payment system, is proud to announce that renowned cybersecurity expert, Joseph Steinberg, has joined its advisory team. Over the past 20 years in the information-security industry, Steinberg has built security teams and companies, invented security technologies in use today by millions of people, and written hundreds of cybersecurity thought-leadership articles.

“As an identity management, authorization, and payments platform, Safein is bound to store various personal information about its users, and, as such, cybersecurity is a vital part of our project. Bringing to our team experts such as Joseph Steinberg to advise us in that respect is part of our commitment to ensuring that are users are adequately protected beyond what many others would consider commercially reasonable.” said Vladas Jurkevičius, Co-Founder and CEO of Safein.

“I am excited to be advising the Safein team. Safein is pursuing a truly transformative offering, properly exploiting the potential of blockchain technology to simplify and improve authorization and payment processes around the world,” said Steinberg.

About Safein

Safein offers a blockchain-based, single-sign-on digital wallet which enables access to websites and other third-party services with a single click, eliminating the need for people to create and verify numerous accounts with many different login and password combinations. In addition, Safein returns control over personal information to its true owners — the people who are the subjects of the data — by disclosing to websites and apps only the data elements that have been explicitly approved by a user, and by providing users with the ability to stop the sharing of data with any particular third-parties at any time. Safein also simplifies making and receiving electronic payments — whether denominated in classic, fiat currencies or in cryptocurrencies — by leveraging the same digital identity capabilities that it uses for authorization. Safein’s initial target markets include the cryptocurrency and gaming sectors, within which its management team enjoys significant prior experience and successes.

About Joseph Steinberg

Joseph Steinberg has led businesses and divisions within the information-security industry for over two decades, has been calculated to be one of the top 3 cybersecurity influencers worldwide, and has written the official study guide from which many CISOs study for their certification exams. He is also one of only 28 people worldwide to hold the suite of advanced information security certifications, CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, and CSSLP, indicating that he possesses a rare, robust knowledge of information security that is both broad and deep; his information-security-related inventions are cited in over 100 US patent filings. Steinberg is also one of the best read columnists in the cybersecurity field, and a respected authority on other emerging technologies — having amassed millions of readers as a regular columnist for Forbes and Inc. magazines. He co-founded the cybersecurity firms, SecureMySocial and Green Armor Solutions, presently serves as an expert witness and consultant on matters related to information security and emerging technologies, and advises cybersecurity and emerging technology firms.

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