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SolarWinds Competitive software Windsor

There are so many networks monitoring software in the market – some are free or come at a monthly rate of a couple of dollars. You want to choose the kind of software that will run efficiently and watch over data and network on a deep level. We have an idea of what most IT managers are looking for when they get monitoring software and have included one review so you can understand why Netmon is one of the most in-depth and practical network monitoring system solutions.

Solarwinds competitive software in Windsor


The software sells for approximately $1600 and has a decent amount of tools and features you need to manage a complex IT space. You can get this software as a standalone service or include a suite of complementary tools like an automation solution or traffic analyzer. Some features available in the stand-alone software include:

  • LAN monitoring
  • Device scanner
  • Packet analyzer
  • Diagnostic tool
  • Performance tester
  • Wi-Fi heat tracer
  • Network analyzer

All the above features are easy to use, and you should be able to adjust the schedules and settings to your liking without much of a fuss. These are great qualities, and most businesses will appreciate having them in their network’s arsenal. However, we strongly suggest you get an alternative with more functionality if you want to have the best network monitoring and bring monitoring aspects you will not get with most generic solutions.

Why Netmon?

The truth is that many users face challenges when they are trying to monitor the network, and the only way to get around that is to upgrade the software so you can break out of the limitations. It helps to have a network monitoring product that covers all the little issues in your network and brings into focus a more robust, reliable, and successful network.

Benefits of using our network monitoring software

Real-time results

The core of network monitoring is to offer insight into how the business uses its resources proactively. It would help if you had a network analyzer that can detect all these tiny changes in a network and deliver precise insights and metrics to improve functions and fix problematic issues faster and better.

Automated management

The network monitoring program is the best to do its job without extra manual work. It would be best to have a tool that can scan the entire IT environment at scheduled times, monitor all connections, and discover possible threats to give real-time feedback.

Our automated monitoring system discovers many different issues in the network and delivers intelligent alerts with details on the location, the level of the security threat, and other crucial pieces. This information helps the engineer develop a better and more effective solution because they can get to the root of the problem and tackle problems with accuracy and better solutions.

Customizable network monitoring software solutions

Good software will allow you to customize the dashboard easily and display as little as necessary to extract the exact details you need.

Are you looking for better IP network monitoring to improve network performance? Contact us online or call 1-800-944-4511 for more information.


SolarWinds Competitive software Windsor

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SolarWinds Competitive software Windsor

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