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Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey: Benefits and Specifications

When it comes to topographic survey services for your construction or engineering projects and industrial work, the one that best established a solid ground in delivering top quality surveying procedures is Okanagan Survey and Design.

A huge team of professional technologists as well as technicians compose the company offering a wide range of industrial work and services including site plans, safety review, break analysis, an array of surveying scope from topographic to volumetric, monitoring, and GPS surveys.

Our Top Surveying Services

We offer the latest surveying technology to provide the most accurate location inspection. These include a robotic type of total station, GPS (Global Positioning System) static type of survey, and RTK (Real Time Kinematic) type of survey. In addition, we also have a fleet of in-house vehicles such as 4 x 4 model pick up, the ATV Polaris type, Rhino of Yamaha brand, and regular boats.

Our company prioritizes high quality and safe service for all projects that we conduct. Hence, we also commit to providing immediate response to accurately meet urgent work depending on the urgency of your project. We have molded long term trust from our clients due to the consistency in delivering specialized and customized services that meet the individual needs for each type of survey and service.

Topographic Survey

This allows surveyors to determine accurate measures for assessing ground locations such as plant life, forestry, and potential building areas. In line with this, horizontal measurement for distances is also recorded for an accurate planning survey. These stages are very important to properly plan and estimate the site spacing for building infrastructures and other projects.

Through this survey, we can also determine specific feature of your site as well as other site elements that will affect the overall project such as vegetation of the place, terrain type, tree canopy, and proximity level for each site construction to be made through the use of wide-ranging modernized equipment and measuring devices like GPS and drone.

To specify, common features included are sidewalks as well as road curbs, current structures and manholes together with invert type of services, slopes or break line such as tops/ toes, existing paths (such as walkways, fences, stairs, landscaping, wall retaining, and more), and power pole types and utility boxes.

Other types of surveying services that are commonly rendered are construction survey which is for planning and composing the building guide based on the inspected existing features of the location with buildings and infrastructures; engineering surveying helps in forming technical mapping and data gathering to gain the holistic setup of the entire project; volumetric surveying is typically for the purpose of creating a graphical output of models set as dimensional models of the map; and hydrological surveying which pertains to any type of either still or running body of water to determine the underwater and topwater features of streams, rivers, lakes, and others.

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For other important matters and information regarding our services, you may visit the Okanagan Survey and Design at If you want to have an immediate response to your concerns or inquiries, you may also call us at 250 861 5656.

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