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CyberSecurity Speaker

Lecturer on cybersecurity at Columbia University.

Available for keynotes, conferences, corporate events, virtual events, and television appearances.

Topics include: cybersecurity, privacy, artificial intelligence (AI), and how technological developments may impact human society.

Expert, highly convincing and entertaining presenter.

CyberSecurity Expert Witness

Highly convincing expert for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Author expert reports and provide powerful testimony.

Respected worldwide for domain expertise and decades of experience.

Communicates and presents with the skills of a long-time media veteran.

Help attorneys determine a case’s merits, optimize discovery demands, as well as prepare for trial.

Assist law enforcement agencies with cybersecurity-related cases.

CyberSecurity Board Member and

Serve on boards, advisory boards, advise regarding strategic activities, and help improve businesses’ visibility, credibility, and execution.

Assist venture capital funds, family offices, and angel investors with evaluating cybersecurity, privacy, and AI investments, and with performing related due diligence.

Provide cybersecurity guidance based on decades of experience.

CyberSecurity Influencer

Leverage position as top-ranked influencer and trusted authority in cybersecurity and emerging technology to help firms grow their brand recognition and sales pipelines.

Author thought leadership articles to improve client’s credibility, search engine optimization, and website traffic.

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