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Cyber Security Expert Witness and Consulting Services

CyberSecurity Expert Witness Services

Joseph Steinberg is an ideal choice to serve as a cybersecurity expert witness, and as an expert on cases related to cybersecurity and/or privacy, including matters related to data breaches, alleged privacy violations, patent infringement, theft of trade secrets and other confidential information, charges of alleged cybercrimes, etc.

Steinberg’s 25+ years of distinguished experience in numerous areas of information security and related fields, coupled with his reputation as an objective, independent, impartial, honest, and top-notch internet security expert, and his authorship of books ranging from CyberSecurity For Dummies to the official study guide from which Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) of major corporations study for their advanced certification exam, give him powerful credibility as a cybersecurity expert witness. Likewise, his having served in both technical and cybersecurity management roles – ranging from working as a hands-on information security engineer, to running an entire technology department, to serving as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), to inventing cybersecurity and privacy products used by millions of people, to serving as the CEO of several information security companies, give him the ability to speak and testify from a wide variety of relevant cybersecurity experiences.

An expert at the intersection of cybersecurity, business, and law, Steinberg remains one of only about two dozen people worldwide to hold the suite of advanced information security certifications, CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, and CSSLP, indicating and recognizing that he possesses a rare, robust knowledge of information security that is both broad and deep – which adds his to his credibility as a cybersecurity expert witness. Steinberg’s opinions are frequently cited in books, law journals, security publications, and general interest periodicals. He is also a member of the Computer Crime & Digital Evidence Committee of The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

Of course, with his decades of experience comes not only knowledge and experience, but wisdom as well; such wisdom can prove invaluable to attorneys as they manage each and every stage of litigation.

Steinberg has also consistently demonstrated, both orally and in writing, the rare ability to make complex cybersecurity concepts and other complicated technical issues simple to understand for judges, attorneys, members of juries, and other people whose professional and personal interests lie primarily outside of the technology field; Steinberg’s communication skills make him especially convincing as a cybersecurity expert witness.

Cybersecurity Discovery Expert

Attorneys trying cybersecurity cases often do not file Complaints that maximize opportunities for their clients. Likewise, attorneys frequently do not know for what materials to ask during the Discovery process, and, even when they do know for what to ask, they often cannot sufficiently justify their demands when met with objections from adversaries, leading to court’s denying requests whose granting could have significantly helped their clients. Steinberg helps lawyers address all of these concerns and vulnerabilities; he advises lawyers as a discovery expert, and helps analyzes their cases along with the evidence in order to help them identify elements that may for allow for increased demands. As such, on multiple occasions, Steinberg has helped attorneys achieve far greater results for their clients than the attorneys and clients had expected to deliver prior to their hiring of Steinberg to serve as their expert.

Cybersecurity Specialist’s Testimony & Report Writing Expertise

In addition to providing excellent cyber security expert witness testimony, Steinberg’s experience writing a cybersecurity-focused  column, as well as cybersecurity-related books intended for both technical and non-technical audiences, makes him the ideal cyber security specialist to serve as the author of expert reports on matters related to cybersecurity, privacy, and related fields. Steinberg’s expertise on cybersecurity-related policy issues, and his related cybersecurity think-tank work, also enhance his credibility as a cyber security consultant on related matters.

Also, Steinberg’s nearly two decades of working with patent attorneys to write and prosecute cybersecurity-related patents, as well as to litigate matters related to issued patents, coupled with his having written expert reports about cybersecurity-related patents, have also armed Steinberg with knowledge, experience, and expertise that can prove extremely valuable to litigants in cyber-security-related patent cases. Steinberg’s own writing and filings have been cited in over 550 US patent filings made by others, as well as in judgements in major patent cases.

Besides serving as a cybersecurity expert witness, Steinberg also helps attorneys prepare for cybersecurity and privacy related trials and to determine the merit of possible related cases. As a cyber security consultant and expert communicator, he helps both plaintiffs and defendants understand and navigate complex cyber-related matters, as well as helps attorneys compare and contrast new technologies and the issues that they create to existing case law. In addition, he helps lawyers prepare for the proper examination and cross-examination of witnesses.

Steinberg has served as a cyber security advisor & cyber security expert witness both in person and remotely, and is available to help you, your organization, and/or your clients, with your cybersecurity-related matters.

CyberSecurity Expert Witness FAQ

What is a cybersecurity expert witness?

Cyber security expert witnesses are experts in cybersecurity and related disciplines, who, by virtue of their notable accomplishments over many years of professional experience, as well as from their certifications, formal and informal education, continuous training, and exemplary skills are deemed judges (and society in general) to be experts on cybersecurity and related matters, and, as a result, are allowed to write “expert reports” as well as testify as in depositions and trials as experts on cybersecurity-related matters.

Cybersecurity expert witnesses must translate complicated technical concepts into simple to understand arguments – and help attorneys prove their cases to judges and juries.

Cybersecurity expert witnesses are often asked to render opinions as to whether a cyberattack that inflicted damage was the result of some party’s negligence or whether the incident occurred despite that party’s reasonable cybersecurity efforts. Sometimes, more than one party may have contributed to a breach or other adverse incident, and the cybersecurity expert witness will have to help a judge and/or jury understand the relative liabilities of the various parties.

One common type of case in which cybersecurity expert witnesses play a vital role, for example, involves situations in which cryptocurrency is stolen from someone’s account at a cryptocurrency exchange. Such thefts often lead to multiple parties blaming one another, and the cyber security expert witness plays a critical role in evaluating each of the parties’ claims and accusations.

Likewise, a cyber security expert witness may be asked to opine as to whether or not an invention described in a cybersecurity-related patent is truly original – and the patent should be considered valid and enforceable – or if prior art existed before the patent was filed that made the patented invention’s potential to exist obvious to ordinary people skilled in the art of cybersecurity.

Cyber security expert witnesses are also often called upon to analyze evidence in civil or criminal cases involving cybersecurity, or to review computerized evidence in legal cases otherwise unrelated to cybersecurity.

Joseph Steinberg has served as a cyber security expert many times, and has worked on all of the aforementioned types of cases.

Who makes a good cybersecurity expert witness?

A cybersecurity expert witness is an expert on cybersecurity, who has many years of experience in the field, is highly credentialed, has experience writing cybersecurity expert reports and testifying on matters related to cybersecurity, understands relevant laws, and has excellent, persuasive communication skills that can convince juries and judges to rule in favor of particular clients. Additionally a cyber security expert witness should be able to advise attorneys regarding case merits and weaknesses, as well help attorneys craft and hone arguments that can be made in order to either win a case at trial or to incentivize opposing parties to offer generous settlements.

It is essential for those involved in such cases to work with a cybersecurity expert witness who can manage large and complicated volumes of data to extract the relevant details, points, numbers, and trends; a skilled cybersecurity expert witness  can play a big role in convincing judges and juries of the correctness of a particular litigant’s perspective, narrative, and claims.

Cyber Security Expert Witness Joseph Steinberg has repetitively proven himself a successful cybersecurity expert in all of these areas.

Why does Joseph Steinberg choose to work as a cybersecurity expert witness – and why does he have the great record that he has?

Newsweek recently profiled Joseph Steinberg about why he chooses to work as a cybersecurity expert witness, rather than as a CISO or as the CEO of a security company.

While Steinberg has a wealth of knowledge about cybercrime-related laws, he stresses that he is not an attorney—and has no plans to become one. His interest in serving the legal community stems from his desire to see the world become a more just place, which is why he is highly selective about the cases he gets involved in.

“There are more lucrative ways for someone with over 25 years of cybersecurity experience to earn a living,” he says. “But, there is great satisfaction in helping people who have been severely wronged and seeing those wrongs get corrected. I’ve been involved in cases in which people were wrongly deprived of their life savings, their ability to purchase a home, or the rightfully-earned fruits of their many years of hard work.”

Unfortunately, cybercrime-related injustices are becoming increasingly commonplace, says Steinberg, who also serves in cyber advisor roles on various boards.

You can read the full article about CyberSecurity Expert Witness Joseph Steinberg at the following link: Newsweek: How a Leading Cybersecurity Expert Witness Helps Achieve Justice for Cybercrime Victims.

Why do attorneys handling lawsuits that don’t appear to be about cybersecurity matters often need cybersecurity expert witnesses?

Many of today’s civil lawsuits, criminal cases, and family matters involve evidence that exists in electronic form, ranging from a single text message, email, or call record to large data sets, transaction histories, or log files. Cyber security expert witnesses are essential to ensuring that such data is admissible and respected.

If an opposing counsel disputes the veracity of electronically-stored information, or challenges the admissibility of key evidence based on a failure to maintain chain-of-control, for example, a strong cybersecurity expert witness can literally make the difference between winning and losing a case. The same is true if an opposing counsel presents evidence without the aid of a cybersecurity expert witness – in some cases, lawyers may be able to get the evidence ruled inadmissible, or, if not, cause a judge or jury to doubt the reliability of the relevant materials.

How to choose the best cybersecurity expert witness

Do you need to be a technology guru to choose a cybersecurity expert witness?

The simple answer is that you do not.

But you do need to select an expert witness who is such an expert – and, as such, you should judge your expert’s technical expertise and soft skills as relevant for your case.

Ability to work under pressure

A cybersecurity expert witness is often a vital contributor to the success of a court case, sometimes quickly changing the expected outcome of cases though convincing testimony to support or to disapprove a claim. Cybersecurity expert witnesses often have to work with tight court-imposed deadlines, and deliver professional results quickly. They must be able to remain calm, and confidently respond to cross examination by opposing counsel, and address concerns of juries, judges, and all other relevant parties involved in a case. One of the things that sets a good expert witness apart from other cybersecurity experts is the ability to remain graceful, to communicate well, and to remain convincing and authoritative under pressure.

Joseph Steinberg is a cybersecurity expert witness who has proven himself beyond capable of doing so. He has decades of experience speaking publicly, including appearing on radio, television, stage, in depositions, and in court. His writing on cybersecurity, known for simplifying cybersecurity for non-technical people while simultaneously offering advice and guidance to the most senior of cybersecurity professionals– has gained him a large, worldwide audience; his independent cybersecurity column (which he took independent after previously publishing in Forbes and Inc.) receives millions of reads per month and some of his cybersecurity books have become best sellers in the field.

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