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Cyber Security Consultant

The need for organizations to protect themselves and their data from cyber-attacks has never been more important. The internet is growing much bigger and faster than most companies can keep pace with, and this inevitably leads to vulnerabilities and weaknesses in online systems. The intricacy of the cyber-attacks is staggering, and both private companies and governments are suffering.

Fortunately, a competent cyber security consultant can help alleviate these problems. Having a team of dedicated cyber security experts to stay ahead of cyber-attacks can reduce risk and costs. At Joseph Steinberg, we provide a comprehensive range of cyber security services and data protection to protect your company’s data and give you peace of mind. Our cyber security consultants can help you build confidence and manage risks in your technology systems. These are some of the cyber security services Joseph Steinberg can offer your company.

Cyber Security Solution

An experienced cyber security consultant will know the abatement for risks and vulnerabilities in your company. When you work with us, you will feel more comfortable having lowered the overall risk. We can help you achieve maturity within your security space, which many companies don’t realize. We have experience with diverse clients across many fields, so we know the hurdles and pitfalls to avoid in your security transformation.

Vulnerability Management Service

This is an organized system for detecting potential threats. Vulnerability management is a continuous process that evolves as your company evolves. This service balances risks and solutions to help keep your network safe. At Joseph Steinberg, our vulnerability management service identifies the critical threats, assets, and vulnerabilities essential to your business.

We provide the technology, experts, and process to administer a vulnerability management solution that meets your special needs and requirements. We ensure that you have an understanding of the vulnerabilities that post a major risk to your business, and we can help you address the risks in an effective and fast manner.

Infrastructure Security Solution

Some of the challenges most companies face today include protecting their fundamentals before executing advanced solutions, which need assessing controls at the basics. Joseph Steinberg offers strong protection controls that are aligned to ISO and NIST standards. Through our proficiency across networks, endpoints, and platforms, we aim to improve the flexibility, agility, and cost-effectiveness of the next generation's needs of information security.

Improve Security Investments

Many organizations see cyber security as a cost hub and not a business accelerator. If correctly scaled for ROI, you can use cyber security as a business accelerator. Most of what companies are looking for is a simple ROI to prove security investments are a valuable endeavor. Cyber security consultants such as Joseph Steinberg can create a long-term security roadmap that fast-tracks your security ROI.

After we completely understand your business goals, objectives, and metrics that can move it forward, we will then align those needs to create a precise use case for your company, especially next-generation.

To ensure the best level of service, our cyber security processes are kept as un-intrusive and simple as possible. Contact Joseph Steinberg for help with your cyber security problems.




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