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Cyber Security Speaker: Keynote, Moderator, and Webinar Host

Joseph Steinberg is a dynamic cyber security keynote speaker who has captivated audiences, small and large alike.

As a popular cyber security speaker, Steinberg offers powerful and informative talks, speaking at both public conferences as well as directly to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations; his talks focus on matters related to cybersecurity (including related topics such as digital crime, cyberwar, privacy, etc.), artificial intelligence (Steinberg is a known AI expert), technology trends, and technology’s evolving potential impact on humans and human society.

Steinberg brings to the podium (or virtual podium, as the case may be) the rare combination of someone with broad and deep cybersecurity knowledge amassed during over 25+ years of distinguished experience in numerous areas of information security and related fields, and the great presentation skills of a professional media personality and entertainer. Steinberg’s reputation as an objective, independent, impartial, honest, and top-notch internet security expert, and his authorship of books ranging from CyberSecurity For Dummies to the official study guide from which Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) of major corporations study for their advanced certification exam, give him plenty of experiences from upon which to draw for informative and entertaining content while serving as a cyber security speaker, as well as the credibility to do so.

Cyber Security Speaker’s Versatile Expertise

Likewise, Steinberg’s having served in both technical and management cybersecurity roles – ranging from working as a hands-on information security engineer, to running an entire technology department, to serving as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), to inventing cybersecurity and privacy products used by millions of people, to serving as the CEO of several information security companies – give him a rare source of popularity as a cyber security speaker among audiences: he can relate to his audiences, and understand their concerns, challenges, and desires – and they can relate and understand him likewise.

Steinberg’s cybersecurity speaking engagements range from intimate gatherings to large conferences, from in-person cybersecurity keynotes to livestreamed cybersecurity events seen around the world. He can serve as a cyber security speaker to help educate your staff on relevant security and privacy topics in a way in which they will not only learn valuable information – but will also both appreciate and enjoy learning. Your team will leave his cybersecurity talk feeling energized, enlightened, and motivated to apply important new knowledge – perhaps even saving you from security nightmares that might have otherwise occurred down the road.

Steinberg also frequently serves as a cyber security speaker on behalf of technology firms seeking to expand awareness of their brands and/or offerings, and often moderates panels and/or hosts webinars as well as social media chats for such companies. 

He can work with you to customize a perfectly-tailored cybersecurity-focused keynote address, corporate presentation, or webinar – and can help you educate and entertain your team.

Steinberg also regularly serves as a media commentator – and is available for television and radio appearances. You can contact Joseph Steinberg to learn more about his cyber security keynote speaker and related services using the link below.

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