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Chinese Hardware CyberSecurity Danger

Newsweek Op-Ed: Banning Tik Tok And Other Chinese Apps Is Distracting Us From The Bigger Danger China Poses To American CyberSecurity

It is hardly a secret that, for nearly 30 years, I have been warning about the danger posed to US national security by the simultaneous combination of our growing reliance on Chinese technology, and our general indifference to China's huge technological "leaps forward" in the realm of cybersecurity. At the same time, I do use…...
Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence Webinar

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Boon or Bane? – A Free Webinar With Joseph Steinberg, Author of Cybersecurity For Dummies

As pretty much every professional knows, the cyber-threat landscape is constantly and rapidly evolving as hackers discover new techniques to breach organizations. While the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly delivering many benefits to mankind, including in the realm of cybersecurity, it has also created all sorts of new risks as evildoers seek to…...
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK)

7 Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For Every Entrepreneur

Today, as we do every January, Americans honor Dr. Martin Luther King, the de facto spokesman of the Civil Rights Movement, for his key role in helping our nation grow closer to its stated goal of delivering equality for all. Besides the obvious lessons that we can learn from Dr. King with regard to the…...