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Topics include: cybersecurity, digital crime, privacy, and technology trends.
Expert, highly convincing and entertaining presenter.
Available for keynotes, conferences, and corporate events.
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Leverage position as top-ranked influencer and trusted authority in cybersecurity and tech to help firms grow their brand recognition and sales pipelines.
Author thought leadership articles to improve client’s credibility and website traffic.
Provide high level cybersecurity guidance based on decades of experience.
Assist investors and others with due diligence on cybersecurity and tech related firms.


Advise regarding strategic activities based on decades of experience.
Serve on official advisory boards to improve visibility and credibility.

Expert Witness

Highly convincing expert for both technical and non-technical audiences.
Respected worldwide for domain expertise and decades of experience.
Can also help attorneys prepare for trial or determine a case’s merits.
CyberSecurity Expert Joseph Steinberg Explains The Most Important Thing To Do To Stay CyberSecure

Artificial Intelligence: The Biggest Dangers Aren’t The Ones We Are Discussing (Part 1)

While many people seem to be discussing the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - many of these discussions seem to focus on, what I believe, are the wrong issues. I began my formal work with AI while a graduate student at NYU in the mid-1990s; the world of AI has obviously advanced quite a bit…...
CyberSecurity Expert Joseph Steinberg Explains The Most Important Thing To Do To Stay CyberSecure

CyberSecurity: The Most Important Thing To Do

Few days go by without someone asking me some form of one of the following types of questions: "What is your number one cybersecurity tip?" "What is the most important thing that I should do in order to stay cyber-secure?" "What would you do if you had to protect my business online but could only…...

A Decade Later: How To Send Messages That Even The NSA, CIA, and FBI Cannot Read

A little over a decade ago I wrote a piece for Forbes describing a method of protecting electronic communications from unauthorized access, through the hiding of message contents within photos and video files. At the time, I even created a contest - embedding an unencrypted Amazon gift card number within an image displayed on the…...