Connect with Joseph Steinberg

Cyber Security Consultant and Expert Advisor

Joseph Steinberg serves as a cybersecurity advisor for companies and organizations around the world, helping help become both more secure and more successful. 

Steinberg serves as a cyber security advisor to boards of directors, senior management, and founders, helping business leaders both to identify cyber risks and to understand how such risks may impact their businesses’ operations or otherwise create exposures. He also advises management vis-à-vis what cybersecurity technology can and cannot reasonably achieve in terms of addressing pertinent risks, and provides executives with an impartial, trusted, and expert opinion on current and planned cybersecurity initiatives, as well as regarding organizational cybersecurity posture and maturity, such as helping executives better prepare their organizations to address a potential future cyber incident. As a cybers ecurity advisor, Steinberg also helps leadership craft cybersecurity policies, and helps management communicate such policies and other cyber-security related matters to their teams in a clear, concise, and simple-to-understand fashion.

Steinberg also serves a cybersecurity advisor to startups and other earlier-stage companies seeking to rapidly grow. By leveraging his decades of experience as an executive in the cybersecurity field, Steinberg is able to provide valuable guidance on matters related to the cybersecurity industry and on successfully operating a business within the cybersecurity industry. He leverages his robust network, built during his nearly 30-year professional career and in academic environments beforehand, as well as during his decade as a media personality, to make relevant, strategic introductions – helping to jumpstart revenue growth, to build and nurture partnerships, and to improve media attention and coverage. Steinberg also helps clients develop their brand and establish reputations as known players in their respective submarkets of the cybersecurity industry. Of course, as a well-known cyber security consultant and cyber security advisor, Steinberg also offers cybersecurity-related subject-matter advice, including helping cyber security product companies to improve their offerings.

Steinberg brings decades of experience having led cybersecurity companies and units within them, having served in leadership positions in other technology companies, and having served as a cybersecurity consultant for many years. He serves on the advisory board of the largest dedicated research firm in the industry, as a Senior Policy Analyst at the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research think tank, as a cybersecurity advisor member of Newsweek’s Expert Forum, and as the Managing Editor of Cyber Insights Magazine (a digital magazine dedicated to helping policymakers and other leaders stay informed about contemporary cyber-related issues and their potential ramifications, from the perspectives of policy, practice, and technology). Steinberg also presently serves on the Cybersecurity Council of CompTIA, the world’s largest technology trade association and its second-largest related certifying body. 

As a cyber security advisor, Steinberg has helped overseas companies involved in the cybersecurity business and related areas establish and build successful US operations, including helping a zero-US-based-revenue startup quickly achieve multi-million-dollar-per-quarter traction in the North American market. Likewise, he has helped one of the largest technology training companies in the world expand its reach to a global audience.

As a cybersecurity expert with a proven business track record, Joseph Steinberg can help your cybersecurity or other technology firm grow and succeed; with his knowledge of cyber security and related disciplines, and his expertise in communicating at the Board level, he can help your management team and Directors ensure that they properly address cybersecurity-related risks – perhaps even preventing a catastrophic cyber-disaster before it happens.

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