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CyberSecurity & Emerging Technologies Advisor

Who Is Joseph Steinberg?

Joseph Steinberg is a CyberSecurity and Emerging Technologies Advisor, and a recognized thought leader in those fields.

He has led businesses and divisions within the information-security industry for over two decades, has been calculated to be one of the top 3 cybersecurity influencers worldwide, and has written books ranging from Cybersecurity for Dummies to the official study guide from which many Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) study for their certification exams.

He is also one of only 28 people worldwide to hold the suite of advanced information security certifications, CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, and CSSLP, indicating that he possesses a rare, robust knowledge of information security that is both broad and deep; his information-security-related inventions are cited in over 400 US patent filings.

Steinberg is also one of the best read columnists in the cybersecurity field, and a respected authority on artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies – having amassed millions of readers as a regular columnist for Forbes and Inc. magazines. Within three months of going independent in April of 2018, his column reached 1,000,000 monthly views, and by April of 2020 it reached 2,500,000 monthly views. He also writes thought leadership articles for a variety of technology companies, serves as an expert witness and consultant on matters related to information security and emerging technologies, and advises businesses and the US government on such issues.

Earlier in his career, Steinberg co-founded and served as the CEO of the cybersecurity firms, SecureMySocial and Green Armor Solutions, and served in several senior capacities at Whale Communications, which was acquired by Microsoft. Steinberg was named by NJBiz as one of New Jersey’s top businesspeople under the age of forty, and has chaired the Financial Advisory Board for a NJ municipality with combined municipal and education budgets of ~$150M.

Joseph Steinberg’s Primary Areas of Focus:

CyberSecurity – CyberSecurity, Privacy, Cyberwar, Cybercrime, etc.

Emerging Technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Consumer Technology

How can Joseph Steinberg help you?

As a SPEAKER: Joseph Steinberg speaks to business and organizations about cybersecurity, digital crime, privacy, and trends related to technology. He brings a wealth of knowledge from numerous areas of security, significant experience reviewing and discussing “cool” consumer tech products, and the great presentation skills of a professional media personality and entertainer. He offers amazing keynote addresses from decades of experience. He is also available for TV appearances.

As an INFLUENCER: Joseph Steinberg leverages his experience and credibility to help firms grow their brand recognition and sales pipelines. He has been calculated to be one of the top 3 online cybersecurity influencers worldwide, and a popular influencer of numerous audiences related to technology products in general. In addition to his large engaged audience on classic social media, he also has a huge following among children, teens, and tweens — he is a recognized influencing broadcaster on the tween and teen platforms, and, with over 100,000 followers for his short form videos, and consistently amassing tens of thousands of viewers per livestream.

As an ADVISOR: Joseph Steinberg brings tremendous value to technology companies, advising them on numerous areas. He brings decades of experience having led various diverse divisions of technology companies. He serves on the advisory board of the largest dedicated research firm in the industry, has helped a European tech company build a US operation and gain traction in the North American market, and helped one of the largest technology training companies in the world expand its reach. He can help your technology firm grow and succeed.

As an AUTHOR: Joseph Steinberg helps organizations by writing thought leadership articles for them, and by helping guide them as they write their own materials. Joseph has written hundreds of articles, columns, speeches and presentations, and has been a regular columnist covering cybersecurity, cool tech, and business at both Forbes and Inc. magazines. He is an author of four books on information security, ranging from the introductory-level Cybersecurity For Dummies to (ISC)2’s official textbook covering the material on its advanced security management (CISSP-ISSMP) exam used to certify Chief Information Security Officers.

As an EXPERT WITNESS: Steinberg’s decades of distinguished experience in numerous areas of information security and related fields, coupled with his reputation as an objective, independent, and top-notch expert, make him an ideal choice as an expert witness. He has also helped attorneys prepare for trials and determine the merit of possible cases. As the author of the book used by many CISOs to train for their certification exam, he is intimately familiar with best practices and various legal issues related to cybersecurity.

Joseph Steinberg’s clients value him for his consistent commitment to excellence, integrity, and results that exceed expectations. He brings expertise grounded in decades of experience across a wide range of industries and organizations.

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