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Beware: Hackers Are Targeting Employers Looking To Hire

Beware: Hackers Are Targeting Employers Looking To Hire

Businesses that are looking to hire employees make great targets for hackers, so, whether you are an entrepreneur running a small business, the HR director of a large multi-national firm, or someone looking for a job, you should be aware of the following:

The hiring process is inherently risky. Businesses need to expend time and money searching for appropriate, qualified candidates – sometimes under pressure to fill a particular position or set of positions before some deadline. In most cases, the process of recruiting also necessitates that a business carry out electronic communications – often primarily by email – with parties with which it has never corresponded before. Hiring managers may be forced to open email attachments from untrusted parties sending in resumes, or, if they refuse to take such risks, may end up overlooking great applicants.

As one would expect, these factors combine to open the door for cyberattacks. In the case of small businesses the problem is exacerbated by the fact that organizational budgets often preclude having an information-security team involved in the design of the recruiting process and its associated technology. Hackers know about this weakness – and seek to exploit it.

To learn more about the risks, and how to protect yourself, please see my article on LinkedIn: Beware: Hackers Are Targeting Employers Looking To Hire.

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