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The New Way To Learn Languages: Virtual Reality

The New Way To Learn Languages: Virtual Reality

We live in a world that is increasingly connected, and the ability to speak more than one language can be quite valuable. While for many years people learned languages by reading books, listening to recordings, and taking classes, apps on smartphones have allowed many people to study with far more convenience; easily portable technology now allows learners to, at any time they desire, hear phrases spoken by native speakers and receive feedback on their own pronunciation of foreign words.

Recently, a new type of app for teaching languages has hit the market – utilizing an approach that seems to have significant promise for many students. Learn Languages VR by Mondly, a new virtual reality foreign-language teaching app, enhances the language learning experience by placing people into situations in which they need to use the language.

To learn more, please see my Inc. article, The New Way To Learn Languages: Virtual Reality.

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