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Book Review of Motorhome Prophecies By Carrie Sheffield

Book Review

Book Review: ‘Motorhome Prophecies’ by Carrie Sheffield

Book Review: ‘Motorhome Prophecies’ by Carrie Sheffield

A decade or so ago, when I first met the gregarious and highly-accomplished conservative columnist and commentator, Carrie Sheffield, I could not possibly have imagined that she grew up in poverty as the daughter of a mentally-ill, self-anointed, Mormon street preacher, or that she lived as one of 10 people in a motorhome, attended 18 different schools before graduating high school, and survived various forms of abuse. Or that at the time that she – a future Harvard graduate – took her college admission test, she lived in a shed with no running water.

Carrie’s recently published memoir, “Motorhome Prophecies,” grippingly shares her story of breaking generational curses, and describes her journey to resilience, forgiveness, and hope.

As Carrie describes so eloquently in her work, her quest for happiness, meaning, and fulfillment – along with her belief in science and her ascribing great importance to ethical behavior – ultimately led her to find a new spiritual home within Christianity, anchored specifically within the Episcopal Church.

Her inspiring message is, however, both ecumenical and universal, and the tale and lessons of her journey should speak to people of all faiths, convictions, and political persuasions.

Likewise, it is not lost on me that it is on Passover, which celebrates a national new beginning after the endurance of centuries of oppression and repression, and whose seder service “begins by retelling the story of our troubled past, and culminates with the celebrating of our present accomplishments and future goals” that I am honoring Carrie’ personal triumph over adversity.

Congratulations, Carrie, and please keep up your great work!

(Motorhome Prophecies is available from Amazon)

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