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Hacking et Cybersécurité Mégapoche pour les Nuls: New French Book on Hacking and CyberSecurity Now Available

Hacking et Cybersécurité Mégapoche pour les Nuls: New French Book on Hacking and CyberSecurity Now Available

Hacking et Cybersécurité Mégapoche pour les Nuls, a single-volume book containing French versions of the latest editions of both the best selling CyberSecurity for Dummies by Joseph Steinberg, and Hacking For Dummies by Kevin Beaver, is now available to the public.

The new book, now available for purchase online worldwide and in stores throughout Europe, helps people stay cyber-safe regardless of their technical skill sets, and teaches readers how hackers attack systems.

In the Cybersecurity for Dummies section of the book, readers learn in simple, straightforward language about various cyber-threats that they face, and how to protect themselves against such threats – as well how to recover if they have already suffered a malware infection or data breach, or otherwise have had their cybersecurity undermined. The same section of the book guides readers who seek to secure their data (and that of their employers as well), providing step-by-step guidance on how to implement reasonable security measures, prevent cyberattacks, and deal securely with remote work. The content also provides useful information for people considering a career transition into cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity for Dummies book covers topics including:

∙ The who and why of cybersecurity threats

∙ Basic cybersecurity concepts

∙ What to do to be cyber-secure

∙ What to do if you have been breached

∙ Cybersecurity careers

∙ What to think about if you want to stay cybersecure in the future

∙ Updated directions on how to prevent ransomware attacks and how to handle situations in which you have been targeted

∙ Step-by-step instructions on how to create data backups and implement strong encryption

∙ Basic information that every aspiring cybersecurity professional needs to know

The Hacking for Dummies section of Hacking et Cybersécurité Mégapoche pour les Nuls teaches readers how to think like a hacker – which can be of great value when it comes to protecting one’s systems and data from cyberattacks. As the publisher of the original English version of Hacking for Dummies explained when the seventh edition of the book was released in 2022:

Your smartphone, laptop, and desktop computer are more important to your life and business than ever before. On top of making your life easier and more productive, they hold sensitive information that should remain private. Luckily for all of us, anyone can learn powerful data privacy and security techniques to keep the bad guys on the outside where they belong.

Hacking For Dummies takes you on an easy-to-follow cybersecurity voyage that will teach you the essentials of vulnerability and penetration testing so that you can find the holes in your network before the bad guys exploit them. You will learn to secure your Wi-Fi networks, lock down your latest Windows 11 installation, understand the security implications of remote work, and much more.

The book teaches readers how to:

∙ Stay on top of the latest security weaknesses that could affect your business’s security setup

∙ Use freely available testing tools to “penetration test” your network’s security

∙ Use ongoing security checkups to continually ensure that your data is safe from hackers

The following is the official French-language description of Hacking et Cybersécurité Mégapoche pour les Nuls:

Protéger-vous des hackers en déjouant toutes leurs techniques d’espionnage et d’intrusions et mettez en place une stratégie de cybersécurité dans votre entreprise grace à ce lvre 2 en 1.

Il est aujourd’hui impossible de naviguer sur Internet avec un ordinateur ou d’utiliser un smartphone ou une tablette sans prendre des mesures de protection efficaces.

Il existe de nombreux logiciels de protections mais ils peuvent s’avérer inefficaces dans certaines conditions. Les pirates informatiques utilisent aujourd’hui des techniques d’intrusion sophistiquées que ne peuvent pas toujours déjouer les logiciels de protection.

Pour se protéger efficacement, la solution consiste à connaître les techniques des hackers pour déjouer efficacement les pièges qu’ils vous tendent.

Il est également important de mettre en place une stratégie de cybersécurité pour sécuriser les donnéess sensibles de l’entreprise.

Ce livre dresse de manière exhaustive à ceux qui sont en charge de la sécurité informatique de l’entreprise.

Hacking et Cybersécurité Mégapoche pour les Nuls can be purchased online from the link found on this list of cybersecurity books.

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