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CyberSecurity Expert Joseph Steinberg Explains The Most Important Thing To Do To Stay CyberSecure


CyberSecurity: The Most Important Thing To Do

CyberSecurity: The Most Important Thing To Do

Few days go by without someone asking me some form of one of the following types of questions:

“What is your number one cybersecurity tip?”

“What is the most important thing that I should do in order to stay cyber-secure?”

“What would you do if you had to protect my business online but could only choose one ‘cybersecurity thing’ to do?”

Of course, the information era dawned quite some time ago, and, by now, it should be obvious to people living in the modern world that, just as it is impossible for any single “thing” to totally secure a person against any and every threat to that person’s physical safety, it is impossible to achieve a great level of cybersecurity through the implementation of any one cybersecurity app, device, program, or other “thing.”

In fact, several years ago I put together an article entitled 13 Tips to Achieve Great CyberSecurity Without Spending a Fortune — this piece has since gone viral, and I highly encourage anyone seeking to improve their cybersecurity posture to read it.

That said, there is one particular activity that I believe outweighs all others in terms of its benefit to those interested in staying cyber-secure — and, fortunately, implementing my particular recommendation in this regard often costs nothing.

So what is that one “magic pill”?

Please watch this video – it is less than one minute long – to find out:



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