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Interview: Joseph Steinberg, CyberSecurity Expert and Author

Interview: Joseph Steinberg, CyberSecurity Expert and Author

CyberSecurity Expert, Joseph Steinberg, was recently interviewed by the team at Utopia — a group of networking-technology enthusiasts seeking to provide readers with wise insights on security, privacy, and cryptocurrency — insights gained through interviews of people with considerable related experience. Utopia seeks to help transform our society into one in which everyone can feel free from censorship, surveillance, and data leakage — and does so by increasingly helping people to reliably answer the question “How can I to protect myself and my data in the global information space?” (Utopia also creates and uses cool graphics along with its pieces – as you can see at the top of this page or at the link below.)

In his recent interview with Utopia, CyberSecurity Expert Joseph Steinberg touched on various interesting elements of his personal life, the field of cybersecurity and cybersecurity technologies in general, and his best-selling book “Cybersecurity For Dummies.”

The interview follows.

Utiopia: Good afternoon, Joseph! First, our team would like to thank you for the interview. You are one of the most trusted and well-versed cybersecurity experts. Surely, you have read and studied a very large layer of information related to the topic of cybersecurity and the main methods of its achievement. However, why did you decide to deal with this topic? Have you been interested in this since your childhood, or did this topic interest you only in adulthood?

JS: Since I was a small child I have been interested in how computers work, and if there were (and are) ways to make them do things beyond what they are expected to be able to do. From that interest and hobby blossomed a career.

Utopia: Probably, you’ve encountered some difficulties when studying the topic of cybersecurity? For instance, you didn’t have narrowly enough focused literature or people with whom you could discuss these issues? How did you find a way out of them?

JS: When I started working in cybersecurity the field was quite small; there were orders of magnitude fewer people working in the field than there are today. I remember meeting with “the Internet security person” in a major bank. Yes. The one person handling Internet security. A lot has changed in 30 years… Of course, there were no degrees in cybersecurity when I went to university ether. My generation of techies learned how computers work – and we built and grew our knowledge of cybersecurity as we, and the field, developed. Ironically, despite the growth of the field, there is a tremendous shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals today – the number people studying cybersecurity has simply not kept pace with the growing need for such folks.

To read the rest of the interview please visit: Joseph Steinberg’s Interview: Cybersecurity For Dummies

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