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CompTIA Appoints Joseph Steinberg To CyberSecurity Council


Joseph Steinberg Appointed To CompTIA Cybersecurity Advisory Council

Joseph Steinberg Appointed To CompTIA Cybersecurity Advisory Council

Long-time cybersecurity-industry veteran, Joseph Steinberg, has been appointed by CompTIA, the information technology (IT) industry’s nonprofit trade association that has issued more than 2-million vendor-neutral IT certifications to date, to its newly-formed Cybersecurity Advisory Council.

The council, comprised of 16 experts with a diverse set of experience and backgrounds, will provide guidance on how technology companies can both address pressing cybersecurity issues and threats, as well as implement new practices and protocols to keep employees, partners, and customers safe.

“Recent events have underscored the dangerous cyber environment that all of us are operating in,” said Annette Taber, senior vice president for industry outreach and relations at CompTIA. “Combatting these threats requires a collaborative effort that brings together expertise from across the cybersecurity spectrum. We’re pleased to announce today that a number of leading cyber authorities have joined our Cybersecurity Advisory Council.”

“I am delighted to join CompTIA’s new Cybersecurity Advisory Council, and I look forward to working with the rest of the team to help facilitate cybersecurity improvements across the IT industry,” said Steinberg.

The council will begin its work by assessing today’s significant cybersecurity developments, changes, and trends, and by analyzing the potential impacts of developments likely to occur over the next 3 to 5 years. The council will also examine various factors that impact adoption rates of new cybersecurity practices and technologies, and will provide advice as to how to overcome potential obstacles on the road to broad adoption.

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