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Joseph Steinberg: I Am Going Independent After 6 Years With Forbes And Inc.

Joseph Steinberg: I Am Going Independent After 6 Years With Forbes And Inc.

After six years of writing for Forbes and Inc., my column will now be published exclusively on my website,

When I began writing regularly about cybersecurity and emerging technologies, I was the CEO of an information-security product vendor. Today, more than half-a-decade later, I spend the majority of my time advising technology companies — especially those related to cybersecurity, blockchain, and other cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence — and performing thought-leadership-type work (primarily writing articles and speaking) for businesses ranging from startups to some of the largest technology vendors in the world.

Two years ago, on the brilliant advice of leadership-development coach (and fellow Inc. columnist), Lolly Daskal, I set up a website with a blog — a blog whose readership has exploded in recent months beyond my wildest of dreams. And, so, after six years of regularly writing for other outlets, I will be going independent, and sharing my writing through my own website. Doing so will both give me full editorial control over my writing – and give you, my readers, even greater capabilities to interact with me.

As such, I will now be publishing my articles on; I hope that you will continue reading my pieces there. Of course, you can also follow me on social media — I am @JosephSteinberg on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tik Tok.

I want to personally thank former Forbes Managing Editor, Tom Post, and Inc.’s Executive Editor, Laura Lorber, without whom, you would likely not be reading this article right now. And, of course, I am also grateful to the many members of both the staff and columnist crews at both Forbes and Inc. from whom I have learned so much. I hope that you will all stay in touch.

Once again, thank you to you my readers, and I look forward to continuing to share this journey with you.


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