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Ransomware: 10 Facts You Need To Know, But Might Not

Ransomware: 10 Facts You Need To Know, But Might Not


After years of making headlines by successfully breaching hospitals, businesses, and government agencies, and causing them to suffer many millions of dollars of damage, the dangerous type of malware known as “ransomware” continues to wreak havoc around the globe.

Ransomware may seem like a straightforward concept – it is computer malware that makes data unavailable to the data’s rightful owner until that party pays a ransom to the criminal operating the ransomware.

Yet, somehow, otherwise intelligent people around the world still seem to frequently have misconceptions about ransomware – and some of the common incorrect notions seem to be regularly believed even by people who are otherwise both educated and highly-knowledgeable about technology.

To read the list of 10 facts, please see the rest of this article on the blog of Sepio Systems, on whose Advisory Board Joseph Steinberg serves as a Senior Advisor. 


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