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Cyber Security Expert Joseph Steinberg Joins GFCyber


Cyber Security Expert Joseph Steinberg Appointed to Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research

Cyber Security Expert Joseph Steinberg Appointed to Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research

Cyber security expert, Joseph Steinberg, has joined the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research (GFCyber) as a Senior Policy Analyst. The full announcement follows:

Washington, DC (June 3, 2021) — Renowned cyber security expert, Joseph Steinberg, has joined the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research (GFCyber) as a Senior Policy Analyst.

GFCyber is an independent, nonprofit, and non-partisan think tank that helps policymakers address societal challenges created by contemporary technology. Comprised of cyber security experts from around the world, GFCyber seeks to ensure that technological advances lead to increased global peace, harmony, stability, justice, and resilience, all of which can be severely undermined if the widespread adoption of technology is not accompanied by proper public policies. The think tank also enables teams of graduate students from around the world to collaborate on cyber-policy research projects, and to receive related guidance from recognized experts.

At GFCyber, Steinberg will help lead efforts to both perform various research as well as to develop best practices for government officials and other policymakers seeking to grapple with the tremendous challenges that the digitally-connected world constantly creates at the social, political, economic, and technical levels. While serving with the think tank, Steinberg will continue in his full-time role as an independent cybersecurity expert witness and advisor, and as the author of one of the most-read columns in the cybersecurity field.

Steinberg’s appointment was announced today by Professor Muhammad Khurram Khan, the foundation’s CEO, who stated: “Over the course of his 25 years in the cybersecurity industry, Joseph Steinberg has earned a well-deserved reputation as both an innovator and as an insightful thought leader on issues related to cybersecurity, privacy, and artificial intelligence, as well as on the impact of technological developments on human society. His expertise in these and related areas make him a great addition to the GFCyber team, and we look forward to his contributions as we continue our work helping policymakers craft increasingly effective, efficient, and fair policies for the modern hyper-connected world.”

Noting that cyberattacks pose a global danger that can be properly addressed only if appropriate public policies are drafted and implemented, and that no nation lives in a vacuum or on an island vis-à-vis cybersecurity, Steinberg noted: “I am excited to be joining the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research, and am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with many talented people from around the world to collectively pursue one common goal – helping humanity better leverage technology in ways that make our world a better place for everyone.”

About GFCyber

Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research (GFCyber), is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank comprising global cybersecurity experts, aims at producing research studies, providing advisory, and work on various aspects of classical, contemporary, and modern cyber related matters. It is a collaborative step in the direction that aims to dissect and address the cyber policy and technology issues prevailing in the modern hyper-connected world.

The foundation led by Professor Muhammad Khurram Khan, aspires to bring together experts from diverse backgrounds with key interest on cyberspace issues to stir an intellectual debate on different facets with an intersection between cyber policy and technology. Through consultation, advisory, research articles, independent analysis, policy papers, opinion pieces, discussions, lectures, and events, we aim to address the global cyberspace challenges and policy issues that affect every native of the digital world.

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About Joseph Steinberg

Joseph Steinberg serves as a cybersecurity expert witness, and as an advisor to both businesses and governments on cybersecurity-related matters. He has led organizations within the cybersecurity industry for over two decades, has been calculated to be one of the top 3 cybersecurity influencers worldwide, and has written books ranging from Cybersecurity for Dummies to the official study guide from which many Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) study for their certification exams.

Steinberg is known for offering keen insights and unique perspectives on cybersecurity, AI, and the potential impact of technological developments on human society. He amassed millions of readers as a regular columnist for Forbes and Inc. magazines; today, his independent column receives millions of monthly views, making it one of the most read columns in the fields of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Steinberg is one of only 28 people worldwide to hold the suite of advanced information security certifications, CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP, and CSSLP, indicating that he possesses a rare, robust knowledge of information security that is both broad and deep; his cybersecurity-related inventions are cited in over 450 US patent filings.

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