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CyberSecurity and Artificial Intelligence: Q&A with Joseph Steinberg

CyberSecurity and Artificial Intelligence: Q&A with Joseph Steinberg

Innovating Canada recently published a short interview with cybersecurity expert Joseph Steinberg about emerging cybersecurity issues that are not yet getting sufficient mainstream attention. In the discussion, Steinberg focused primarily on artificial intelligence (AI), and noted that whatever attention the intersection of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence is receiving in the media is woefully insufficient relative to the magnitude of the issues that the combination raises.

The impact of the dawn of the artificial intelligence era are multi-fold. AI will play a dominant role in the cybersecurity field itself – cyberattacks will eventually involve offensive AI-based computer systems launching attacks, and AI-based defensive computer systems attempting to fend them off – all with little human involvement. Additionally, humanity’s leveraging of AI-systems in general is already starting to generate many new, significant cybersecurity risks.

In the recent interview, Steinberg also discussed the issue of bias – not just the concerns so often described in the media of AI systems making incorrect observations and decisions as a result of having been fed incomplete or biased datasets from which to learn, but also that of AIs forcing human society to finally address the realities of its own beliefs and shortcomings – what happens, for example, if AI systems make decisions that enlightened humans view as inappropriately biased, but which the AI demonstrates are both correct and integral to achieving maximum performance? We, ourselves, have yet to fully address the complex ethical issues and painful realities related to sexism, homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, discrimination based on national origin or languages spoken, and other forms of bias – and AI systems may bring to the forefront our failure to do so. Are we prepared, if such a situation arises, for example, to reduce the effectiveness of our AI-based security systems in order to conform to our notions of morality – even if terrorist groups, competing nations, criminals, and other hostile parties do not adjust their offensive AIs?

To read the full interview, please see the article Q&A with Joseph Steinberg.

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