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CyberSecurity Expert Joseph Steinberg To Speak At Endpoint Security Conference

CyberSecurity Expert Joseph Steinberg To Speak At Endpoint Security Conference

CyberSecurity Expert Joseph Steinberg will speak about endpoint security at the Endpoint Management and Security Conference, to be held virtually on Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

Steinberg’s endpoint security conference session, entitled Endpoint Security And The Cloud: A Modernized Security Approach For Remote Endpoints will begin at 10 AM US Pacific Time = 1 PM US Eastern, and will include a panel discussion with Darrell Fauvel, Endpoint System Administrator at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and Romanus Prabhu, Global Head of Support and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) at ManageEngine. The three will discuss the tremendous changes that have occurred over the past 18 months vis-à-vis endpoint security (or the lack thereof) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people worldwide to work remotely, as well as by the rapidly growing number of Internet-connected smart devices – and how hackers are updating their attack methods in order to take exploit such developments.

The panel will also cover advice as to how to obtain better visibility into endpoints – including the files and apps that such endpoints host – without undermining the fragile balance between maintaining security and ensuring worker productivity and privacy. Finally, Steinberg, Prabhu, and Fauvel will discuss Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), and how it is evolving to meet the demands of current mixed-device workspaces.

Attendees will receive valuable information as takeaways, including gaining wisdom vis-à-vis:

⋅ How endpoint security technology for cloud-based systems can help IT teams ensure security and while maintaining productivity

⋅ Security lessons from an expert panel: Use cases on what has worked in the past and what has not

⋅ Better insight into whether current security measures are ideal, or are hampering end-user experiences

Attendees will also be given time to ask questions.

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