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CyberSecurity Awareness Month Book Giveaway


Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Time For Improved Education, Better Practices, and Some Nice Give Aways

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Time For Improved Education, Better Practices, and Some Nice Give Aways

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is Here!

In October, people across America commemorate Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a national observance jointly established in 2004 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Cyber Security Alliance.

This year, I will be honoring our nation’s commitment to improving cybersecurity throughout the land by

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When CyberSecurity Awareness month was first observed 17 years ago, relatively few people participated, and many educational observances were limited to extremely basic concepts – like informing people that anti-virus software should both be installed on every computer as well as regularly updated.

Since then, technological advances have transformed the world in previously unimaginable ways; with such progress, however, a situation emerged in which basic cybersecurity knowledge has become essential for a person to survive and flourish in the modern world. Not surprisingly, therefore, today, not only do millions of people participate in some fashion in Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but amongst them are even the President of the United States and many other government officials.

Of course, for those of us who work in the information security field, every month is cybersecurity awareness month.

For everyone else, however, the arrival in a few weeks of November must not be a reason to become lackadaisical about cybersecurity.

That said, let us take advantage of our national commemoration, and, during October, reinvigorate our focus on the security of our data and systems –this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, let us each do a little more to improve our own cybersecurity knowledge and practices, and do our part in making America, and the world, a safer and better place.

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