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Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research Launches Cyber-Policy Magazine, Cyber Insights

Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research Launches Cyber-Policy Magazine, Cyber Insights

The Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research (GFCyber) announced today that it has launched Cyber Insights, a new digital magazine that aims to help readers stay informed about contemporary cyber-related issues and their potential ramifications, from the perspectives of policy, practice, and technology.  Cyber Insights provides policymakers and tech leaders with guidance and suggestions as to what issues they should ponder, and discusses associated challenges and concerns that might warrant consideration during related policy building and decision making. The magazine’s diverse audience already includes researchers, professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, lawmakers, members of think tanks and civil society advocacy groups, and other policy makers and business leaders.

Cyber Insights‘ publisher, GFCyber is an independent, nonprofit, and non-partisan think tank that helps policymakers address societal challenges created by contemporary technology. Comprised of cyber security experts from around the world, GFCyber seeks to ensure that technological advances lead to increased global peace, harmony, stability, justice, and resilience, all of which can be severely undermined if the widespread adoption of technology is not accompanied by proper public policies. The think tank also enables teams of graduate students from around the world to collaborate on cyber-policy research projects, and to receive related guidance from recognized experts.

Cyber Insights is presently edited by a team of long-time-industry-veteran volunteers, led by its Editor in Chief, Prof. Muhammad Khurram Khan, and its Managing Editor, Joseph Steinberg.

Cyber Insights is available to the public free of charge, and can be viewed online at the Cyber Insights website. Parties wishing to contribute to the magazine should review submission guidelines and procedures. and be in touch.



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